Monday, 3 February 2014

Art Books, Street Poets

We bused it up Downtown and through Little Tokyo to the Printed Matter art book fair  at Geffen Contemporary Art/ MOCA yesterday. 
A hipsters wet dream of an event. Stalls from all kinds of indy publishers, artists, photographers and doodlers alongside some serious collectors and big name galleries. 

We swapped a Mild Vandal hand drawn tag for a misprint copy of a book 'I Just Want to Title All of Cindy Shermans Untitled' by this guy Matthew Scott Gualco.
The first person to get one of these tags, which I suppose is the launch of the Mild Vandal project (details up soon, #mildvandals)
He told me that Seymour Hoffman was deid and I gave him a buck for a postcard which says 'I promise sometimes never maybe to make art again'

We bumped into folk from Aye Aye books proving that wherever you go there'll be someone you ken who kens someone who's there.

This guy on the right asked if I was writing for a publication called the Haggis. because he was original and funny. 

Did another wee swap of a tag for 'All When We Were Young' a zine by David Sperring

Theses guys had some nice stuff. I think they were from

We also had a quick chat to the nice folk at Kchung radio 
who gave us a sticker.

The third person to get a Mild Vandal tag was this guy, Kenneth Towler, who stopped us in the street and asked if we like poetry and to give him a subject and he'll write us something. Having been to the Art Book Fair I though a tragic hipster might be a good topic. He gave us this... 
Blethering to Kenny was one of the highlights of the trip so far.

Here's some pictures of buildings.

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