Sunday, 9 February 2014


Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking part in a workshop as opposed to delivering one.
The Los Angeles County Museum of Arts mobile Art + Film lab is a cracking resource, providing classes and film programmes at sites across the city, located for around five weeks at a time in one location.
The Mini Docs course we took part in was great. Aimed at adults, the course attendees were fairly diverse. Led by filmmakers, the class started with three shorts followed by a discussion regarding each. The films selected were well chosen. Yael Bridge's Chicken and Zoe, Juan Manuel Echauarria's Mouths of Ash and Alan Spearman's April.  Worth a watch if you can find them, especially Mouths of Ash.
Following a brief introduction to how the camera worked we were sent off in pairs for an hour to film something and an hour to edit on i movie.
Iona and I made this...
We were at a wee bit of an advantage as we had a zoom recorder for sound, a Go Pro camera attached to the car and my laptop with final cut pro on it, and I'm not totally new to making wee films (although you wouldn't know it from the quality of my youtube channel) so could edit a bit faster than the others. We also had a good theme based on Iona's experience of driving.
I think it works as a short and watching everyone else watch it at the end of class review, it definitely got to folk, we got a laugh, a gasp and an aww, no bad for an afternoons work. A wee bit of tweeking and I think it'd be a grand wee piece.

The other films made were great, given the length of time and the fact that people were often using the cameras and editing equipment for the first time.

We had experimental shots and editing from inside the nearby college, a rebuke of the professionalism of reality TV film crews by a regular extra, interviews with people down Olivera Street about the myriad cultures of LA's citizens, a trip to an asian bakery and a behind the scenes look at a short produced in a previous workshop.

A really great facility comparable to something like the Travelling Gallery or the BBC Blast roadshow workshops back home.

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