Monday, 17 February 2014

LA Zine Fest and the Boonsburg Egg

After a couple of days dossing about on the beach and the flitting home of my travelling companion, I thought I'd take a wander up to the Culver City, where I'd heard there were a few galleries, to see what was on.

 As I walked through Culver City I started to notice more and more crisply dressed tattooed folk, wearing hats and cut-off denims, checked shirts, black rimmed specs and dyed hair, all moving in the same direction. What could be drawing these hipsters along the road I wondered. It must be some art.

I came across this wee van selling books and the kind of stuff you buy in gallery shops, badges and crafty things. I had a wee chat to the couple managing it and the proceeds of everything sold goes towards funding LA's public libraries. 

Next I came across this kid tagging a relatively new car with a sharpie. He wasn't the first one at it it seemed. In fact there were sharpies hanging from the window so I got involved.

A wee bit down the road I discovered what all the hipsters were gravitating towards. 

A bit like the Art Book Fare, but much more dishevelled... in a good way. There were folk playing home made computer games.

 Hundreds of stalls and huts, selling, swapping and giving away limited run prints, zines, stickers, books, t-shirts and records.

This guy and his mate had some really sweet painterly prints and a screen made up. 

Totally dug their work. 

Here's their website 
Looks like a pretty cool place. 
The kind of place I'd like to maybe have myself someday. 

This guy here was selling prints for two dollars as a wee girl he'd been drawing with took him to task for art being to expensive so he thought he'd do something about it. Bloody commendable. I bought a couple and gave him a wee Mild Vandals luggage tag of mine.

I also picked up some stickers and a 7''vinyl with songs with names like Shitty Cloud and Ant Massacre.

I saw this sign but I think the gallery was too tiny and I missed it.

Up the road from this I saw a sign for a two day art show from a reclusive artist inventor in an art book shop. He claims to have discovered how the Egyptians built the pyramids. It's pretty convincing. He seems to have funded his research by selling the crystal ball from the Wizard of Oz. Here's a mobile phone vid of the guy who works in the book shop demonstrating the Boonsburg egg
He's making one which could transport a shipping container. 
The one in this wee film weighs a couple of tonnes.
Insane Genius. I want to see the shipping container moved in the same way as those bricks. There's more info on his website. 
One of the best shows I've seen since I got here.

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  1. It was amazing meeting you and your art is wonderful. What ever I can do to help let me know :)