Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Today we woke up to this view,
  hired a Mercedes (for the almost same price as the cheap car we got the other day!) and scooted up Mulholland Drive.
Good road you picked there Mr Lynch. The views are amazing, the road pretty winding and the surface is pretty bad.
We also stopped off at Judy Baca's mural, The Great Wall of Los Angeles. It depicts the history of the area from before recorded time up until the Olympics in 1984. It's painted on the 'banks' of the LA river.
I'll write more about it when I have time. There's loads of information on the SPARC website, along with a new photo of My Face.

We are off to Low End Theory tonight. Knakered but pretty excited about it. This guy is playing alongside the residents and Egyptian Lover.

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