Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Social and Public Arts Resource Centre

Yesterday I was provided a historical introduction to the building and the work of SPARC by Associate Director, Felipe Sanchez. The work produced here, and throughout Los Angeles by the organisation, is impressive, their goals honourable. 'to provide empowerment through participatory processes to residents and communities excluded from civic debate.... through the production of excellent pieces of public art'

Following an amazing Mexican lunch with Felipe and Executive Director, Debra J.T Padilla,
Carlos Rogel, Project Manager, gave us a guided tour of the Digital Mural Lab. Explaining some of the technical processes undertaken in order to produce and preserve murals.

I'm looking forward to learning more about these processes.
This afternoon I'll be meeting Judy Baca, artist, Artistic Director and Founder of SPARC, at the Judy Baca Arts Academy, a new school named in her honour in Central LA. Where we will be working with students on the 'Emancipation Project'. 
The scale of this city and complicated historical relationships between communities, government and citizens based on class and ethnicity far outweigh those found in Scotland. It's a fascinating place I could definitely get used to. 
Especially watching the dolphins, pelicans and other wee birds from the beach first thing in the morning...

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